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James Buffin Photography Exhibit Opening

Tuesday Nov. 1

Tuesday November 1. 6pm to 8pm
Toronto Public Library Queen/Saulter Branch
765 Queen St. E., Toronto, Ontario M4M 1H3

You are invited to the opening reception for James Buffin’s photography show – Bolivia: Introduction. This series of inspiring photographs were shot while James was filming for Picking Trauma’s Pocket in Bolivia.

This is a FREE event.! Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with photographer and documentary filmmaker James Buffin.

Refreshments will be served. Limited edition prints of the photographs will be for sale.


Back by Popular Demand: A Special Evening with James Buffin in support of Picking Trauma’s Pocket


Thursday November 17 7:30 – 9:00pm
Workman Arts
651 Dufferin Street.,Toronto, ON M6K 2B2

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

Back by popular demand and accredited by CACCF for continuing education credits, this live presentation is a rare opportunity to witness the beauty and resilience of one man’s courageous recovery from child sex abuse and see some of the video he has created during this journey. James Buffin’s resoundingly compassionate cry out, will refocus attention away from our culture of retribution and take a hard look at the survivors themselves and the imposed harm that leaves them each stranded on a treacherous, frozen peak of alienation and shame.



Why make this film?

I lived with the impact of child sex abuse for over 30 years, believing that I was a flawed person. This film is my struggle to express what it is to live with an imposed, yet internalized shame and stigma that falsely coloured my entire world-view.

Being a filmmaker was my core goal since adolescence. Somehow I got lost on the way, managing to be in the industry, supporting other people but at the same time profoundly disempowered from expressing my own voice. That’s why I need to tell this story.

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“Stuck. Frozen. Fragmented. Locked out…That’s how child sex abuse left me feeling. Until now.”

James Buffin, 2016

The story

Out from Alone: I broke the silence after my son’s teacher was arrested on child pornography charges in 2011. Making the police report about my own abuse in the 1970’s was the most proactive thing I could do while investigators took three months to scour through 40, 000 files in the teacher’s collection.

Into Community: hearing other survivors tell their stories in peer led programming was enlightening for me. Despite having very little in common, other than surviving child sex abuse, the resonance of our lived experiences in adulthood was startlingly similar. As a way of paying things forward while this film is completed, I produce a video blog with the people I know at The Gatehouse in Toronto.

What kind of world is this?  Once I understood that I was living with symptoms of a crime, not character flaws, my shame evaporated. Speaking openly everywhere I go, I keep hearing my experience echoed back. To date, I have filmed with survivors and leading neuroscientists in North America, South America and Asia for this project. The goal is to set foot on every continent to fully show how child sex abuse is a local problem, everywhere on the planet. I have the privelege of working with amazing people like Brisa De Angulo in Bolivia.