Global Compassion Project

Welcome to the Picking Trauma’s Pocket global compassion project for child sex abuse survivors. Your participation ensures that people around the world see the validation of their experiences as survivors of this very serious problem.
We are compassion.  We are strength.  We are survivors.
Here’s how it works:
  1.  Make a short video with your phone (up to two minutes). In your video, find one person (could be yourself), or a group of people and ask them one question, while the camera is rolling. This way you see their reaction to the question, which is important. Don’t tell them ahead of time what the question is. If you are filming yourself, wait to read the question until you are recording. You can see the question here when you are ready.
  2. Share the video on our facebook page
  3. Tag yourself and everyone in the video
  4. If you want you can also tweet it @ptpthefilm or post it on instagram #wwyscsa