These lists are a work in progress. Please share resources with us so we can bolster support for CSA survivors. 

Support Centres in Ontario

The Gatehouse

Paths of Courage

Catholic Family Service of Ottawa: Program for Victims of Sexual Abuse (Ottawa)

Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma:
Hope for Men (Hamilton & Niagara Region):
Male Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Counselling (Durham Region):
Men’s Project (Ottawa):
The Trauma Centre:


Support Centres in the US


Written resources

These are all from James’ bookshelf. With the exception of the first two, they are in the order they came down to read the titles. The first two are admittedly favourites and the authors are both interviewed in the film


Trauma Institute

Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

Canadian Mental Health Association:
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health:
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